Intentional Rise of Energy Cost

Hello and welcome. This is the first post here and I appreciate you reading.

Throughout the past few years, there has been an indisputable decline of our nation’s state, whether it be the economy, our safety, or our freedom. To some this may just be a phase in our nation and only a temporary shift due to the current disastrous administration. However, it must be emphasized this is part of a calculated plan to destroy the United States we once knew and loved.

This can be clearly illustrated by policies the Biden administration has enacted since its inception. One example of one of these actions is the response to rising gas prices. When the current admin took control, we had roughly 638 million barrels in our Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR,) however this admin has continuously tapped into these reserves, and by the upcoming midterms, 260 million barrels will have been tapped. While this may help suppress gas prices momentarily, it will hurt after we stop releasing from the reserve (coincidentally, the contract is up around midterms this year).

If this admin truly cared about the nation’s well-being, they wouldn’t have shut down the pipelines, one of the first actions taken when Biden assumed office and the one of the main causes of higher gas prices.

Weekly U.S. Ending Stocks of Crude Oil in SPR (Thousand Barrels) (

Biden Sends Oil Reserves Abroad As Americans Cope With Gas Prices (

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