The Media is a Weapon of the Left

And the information they produce is misleading and wrong.

This can be seen in their positive coverage of democrats and their negative coverage of republicans. The democrat funded MSM may seem to have your best interest in mind, but this is not the case.

Over the course of Covid pandemic, the MSM produced mountains of misleading and wrong information. This public scare led to many months of dystopian-style lockdowns as well as hundreds of thousands of business closures and a loss of freedoms for all Americans.

The media stirred up the false narrative of “racist white cops” and a pandemic of police brutality, particularly against blacks leading to the massive growth of the terrorist organization, BLM. With a little research on the FBI crime statistics and the Washington Post’s Fatal Force database on police shootings, this narrative is easily broken.

The media continuously focuses on the “crimes” of conservatives and are especially fixated on the January 6 “insurrection.” Although these protests were peaceful, the media has repeatedly labeled this event a “massive riot,” while during true BLM riots they were labeled “peaceful protests.”

There are many more examples of the medias lies, however I’d like to get to the point I am trying to make: the common narratives being pushed are often the exact opposite of what is happening, and the actions you take should take this into consideration.

While the media aggressively pushes the vaccines, more and more real information and studies indicate the potential dangers of these injections. The media very rarely to never covers a vaccine death. Instead, they are pushing a new concept known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Whether the vaccines were created with the intention of killing, that remains to be proven fully, however there are many indications that show that to be so.

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