Think and Do the Opposite they Say

“Climate change is a global disaster, and we must swap over to clean energy.”

“Covid is deadly, and we need to shut down the economy, force people inside, and mandate vaccines in order to save lives.”

“Men can get pregnant, and gender is a social construct that doesn’t exist.”

“Republicans are racist.”

When the democrat-owned media are pushing these perspectives, we must understand that everything they say must not be taken seriously. The MSM has an aggressive and evil agenda in ties with their sponsor, democrats. While the media aggressively bashed Trump for his term (whether you liked him or not), he was unobjectively a better president than the current, unelected president. Despite the Potato and his administrations’ clear intent of destroying this country, the democrats and MSM relentlessly defend his every move and continue to ignore all the intentional “failures” his administration comprises.

When the MSM tells you to stay inside due to a dangerous, deadly virus first look at the numbers and the true potential dangers and whether or not the policies they are encouraging even work,

When the MSM suddenly redefines what a woman is, yet your entire life “woman” has meant “woman,” use common sense,

When the MSM is encouraging pedophiles and confused gender dysphoric lunatics to read and teach children in schools, do not fall for it,

When they call republicans racist yet are unable to cite a single example of racism,

When they suddenly push a global climate change crisis yet the ones pushing this narrative fly private jets and are yet to punish the countries responsible for most of the pollution,

When they tell us abortion is a constitutional right when it is not mentioned once in the constitution,

It is clear there is an agenda between democrats and the media, and in terms of the narratives they push, more often than not we must find ourselves thinking and doing the opposite they say.

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