Free Social Media Speech

Under constant attack from the communist left is our constitutional right to speak freely. Whether it is the policies from the openly communist social media platforms who rule the internet or the narrative which condemns said speech, the left is suppressing the right-wing narrative and solely promoting left-wing nonsense.

Free speech is suppressed by unconstitutional policies, though it is also suppressed by what society deems acceptable. In addition to platforms banning free speech, conservatives are under constant abuse from the left and cannot comfortably express their thought, for fear of backlash from leftists.

What society considers acceptable speech today has changed promptly in recent years. I believe the main culprit for this rapid change are the social media companies. In the past, all words were fair game, with no restrictions, no censorship, and no such thing as hate speech. In the past, if something on the internet made you uncomfortable, you would ignore it and continue to browse.

Today is different. Instead of a free society where people choose what they post and choose what they read, the media companies instead decide what is acceptable. While they claim to “promote a safe environment” by banning “hateful content” they are instead controlling what society deems acceptable (as noted earlier).

Prominent examples of censored “hate speech” include referring to a female as “woman” or referring to a male as “man,” speaking against government mandates and the vaccine effectiveness, the exploitation of corrupt political schemes not accepted by the mainstream media, and humor.

Regardless of how many individuals do not agree with a social media post, it must be tolerated. It is up to each individual decide for themselves what they find acceptable, not communist social media companies.

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